Advising for executive development and change


As and when, we may choose with you an approach that is more directive than coaching. Our executive development sessions:

  • can be supported by preparation (e.g. self-reflection or diagnostics tool, reflection on strategy questions etc.).
  • are definitely supported by follow up – to which extent are you walking your talk? We look together at what may be getting in the way and what could help move towards the objectives you set.
  • work with your examples.
  • when playful – role playing, simulations… - relate back to business very concretely.

As part of our follow up, we look together at data on progress made, and take time for review and adaptation: Are both objectives and ways to achieve them still as burningly relevant as when they were defined? Are they effective?  Do they take into account any unforeseen effects that are inherent to complex situations? What needs to be redesigned ?

Learning and applying what you have learned needs to become part of your business as usual. The methods we choose reflect that. We’ll work with you on live cases, include micro-learnings in your team meetings, and encourage you to build your peer feedback muscles and learn from your colleagues.

We can design with you change interventions that will support your project management and delivery, and can coordinate their implementation.



From awareness to results – some outputs 

Our aim is not only to help you see new possibilities, but also to support you when you are taking a new direction. We will often suggest that you create a representation, document or object that will make your progress tangible, will help you define the next step, and keep up the commitment to work towards it. These can be, for example:

  • a value proposition; vision and mission documents; a strategic plan and implementation roadmap; a culture map; a change management strategy and plan; a stakeholder map and communications plan; a proposal to senior leadership;
  • a team profile – whether through instruments or as a collaborative self-portrait; a team contract on roles and responsibilities; a strengths portfolio; a journal of the learning journey using various media …



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