With our coaching interventions, at NeoAxis we aim to help you seize new opportunities brought along by change.


Opportunities for teams

  • You want to reach out to greater commitment and higher performance.

  • You wish for greater clarity of intent, and alignment between strategy and execution.

  • You need to unleash greater inspiration and creativity to boost innovation.

  • More effective collaboration is the way to greater results.

  • You need to find a good balance of flexibility and commitment to a plan in view of several unknowns.

  • You want a change initiative to achieve significant impact.

Opportunities for you 

  • You want to explore how to change in order to see and seize new opportunities

  • You want to rediscover your values, redefine your goals and your style in order to take on new challenges

Our approach 

First, we listen 

We listen and explore with you whether the issues identified are truly the hurdles on your path. We support you in defining what could be an efficient approach to resolution. 

We go with you into complexity

Together with you, we remain open to complexity – in the course of our work, so much may change. We actively build in checkpoints to revisit whether analysis had missed relevant information, whether important factors have changed, and whether you are still aiming for the same goalposts.  

We see learning as both a science and an art

Our approach integrates an understanding of systems, positive psychology, newer research in cognitive psychology and goal achievement. We find inspiration in theater, music and literature to approach issues of performance, change, innovation, and leadership.  Agile project management is an additional source of ideas for us, as is our curiosity for your business context. 


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