Our values

What we aim for when working with you

On the way to success as you defined it for these VUCA times, we aim to help you move sustainably towards greater results, whether your team wishes to reach higher levels of engagement and performance or you are yourself looking for new directions in order to tackle new challenges.  We highlight the following values so that you can start developing related practices or get even better at applying them:

  • Clarity : Heightening your strategic awareness, enhancing your self-knowledge, reinforcing your awareness of identity, values and culture, highlighting how your strategy and execution need to strengthen one another.
  • Agility : Building up your mastery at learning, enhancing how you act upon analyses when ambiguity remains, improving how you navigate risks, gearing up how you prioritize and leverage resources.

  • Antifragility : Getting better from shocks and surprises.

  • Intuition: Listening to the signs and connecting the dots, remaining aware that misreading is a possibility.

  • Leverage of diversity: Embracing cognitive diversity to read the environment more comprehensively, exploring cultural and generational diversity to discover new opportunities.

  • Creativity and innovation : Creating conditions that help ideas flourish, building skills to remain a challenger, discerning what next steps may be, turning ideas into experiments.

  • Courage and curiosity: Making choices when the fog seems thick, being curious about the ride !

  • Trust : In your ability to navigate; in others’ ability to contribute and do the right thing.

  • Commitment : Committing to experiment, committing to deliver.

What makes us go to work in the morning ?

  • Witnessing that light-bulb moment
    When a step change happens and clarity is there – we’ll look for measures and evidence of progress, but the magic of that moment with our clients, that’s what we’re enthusiastic about. 

  • Seeing our clients surface their purpose, which may have disappeared under the daily challenges and crises.
    See how they find their way back to their intrinsic motivation for the passion and inspiration that they will need to deliver exceptional results.

  • Fun!
    We believe in the transformational power of humor.

  • Craftsman’s qualities balanced with the art of the possible.
    We take pride in delivering highly personalized, high quality interventions adapted to VUCA contexts.

  • Keeping abreast of trends for you – scanning for new ideas and new methods that may be relevant to you.
    Double-checking how research may have validated whatever method we would like to use.

  • Challenging ourselves to keep learning at least as much as you to accompany you through the turbulence of change. 

    "Les pieds sur terre, la tête dans les étoiles" : realistically idealistic, we love seeing how our clients reach for the sky, surmount obstacles, and make a difference in their world. 

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